We are a proud retailer of Plant Therapy essential oils! Plant Therapy offers 1000+ aromatherapy products that offers the highest quality oils at the best prices, outstanding support and the unique KidSafe product line that gives parents safe options for their children. All KidSafe synergy blends were developed by industry leader, Robert Tisserand. This is not an MLM company. We are not simply an essential oil seller, but a complimentary alternative medicine provider. We look forward to supporting your family’s physical, mental and emotional health at the very best prices along with the services of our own, on-staff, certified aromatherapist. Plant Therapy products are offered for sale here at the Farm.

What is Clinical Aromatherapy?

Clinical aromatherapy is the trained blending of essential oils for the purpose of meeting specific goals for our clients. Clinical aromatherapy can support physical, emotional and psychological wellness through the application of essential oils, hydrosols, extracts and resins when blended with a variety of carriers for safe, effective dosing for each client. Organics are used whenever possible.

Clinical application includes:

Inhalation application - direct inhalation of essential oils via diffuser, steam or personal inhalation. This application is helpful for emotional, physiological and physical complaints such as stress management, immune building, headaches, respiratory issues, headaches, focus, sleeplessness and depression.

Topical application - topical application can be applied via self massage, bath, ointment, spray, gargle or foot bath. This application is effective for a wide variety of physical and emotional complaints such as infections, skin issues, depression, fatigue, gynecological issues, digestive issues, muscular discomfort, oral health, bug bites, thinning hair and inflammation.

It even has a variety of animal benefits including support with storm anxiety, flea/tick/fly repellant, hot spots, motion sickness and many others. Please be especially careful with your cat friends.

***I do not recommend ingesting essential oils except at the direction of a physician trained in pharmacological application. This is a service I do not provide. Essential oils are powerful and can be dangerous. I also caution against accepting internal use advice from an untrained essential oil salesperson.

What does a consultation look like?

A 30-45 minute face-to-face consultation or a phone/FaceTime consultation is conducted to discuss how essential oils may support a client’s specific goals. Before the client’s initial visit, a detailed health history form is needed to determine the client’s goals, expectations, or any contraindications we should be aware of. I am interested in helping with the root causes of issues and supporting a client’s needs in a holistic manner that may be able to address multiple goals at the same time.

Aromatherapy is considered a complementary alternative medicine (CAM). it is not intended to be a substitution for medical treatment. There are a variety of different treatments that may support a client’s health goals. We do not diagnose, treat for specific illnesses, prescribe or adjust medications. I am not a physician in any way, but I am a trained in the science and art of aromatherapy. I also continue my education and stay informed on the latest scientific studies on essential oils.

What should you expect from aromatherapy?

Generally speaking, my personal experience has been that aromatherapy works more slowly, but have better outcomes than conventional avenues. Before coming to me, chances are that a client has tried a conventional treatment, but was not satisfied with the outcome. I appreciate the opportunity to try a more natural approach. Essential oils are not a “silver bullet”. What works for one person may not work for the next. Recommendations are based on peer-reviewed, evidence-based scientific studies and research.

How can you schedule a consultation?

Please refer to our contact information at the bottom of this page to schedule a consultation. I do not keep fixed office hours and do my best to work around your schedule, our farm schedule and my family’s schedule. I look forward to helping you learn more about the science, art and benefits of essential oils!

Aromatherapy Services Menu:

Comprehensive Initial Aromatherapy Consultation (including a personalized blend): $60
Follow-Up Aromatherapy Consultation (including a personalized blend): $45