The New Year!

It’s January 2nd and it’s planning time for the Spring. I start getting giddy right after the first of the year. He He! It’s been raining and 32 degrees here today. I’ll take the heat any day!

We’ve been quietly waiting on the Lord’s timing on a few things for a while now. Waiting is not easy for me. I’m actually a little proud of myself for exercising patience. This has been an unusually quiet season. Maybe then Lord thought I needed to learn a little extra patience recently. If so…it worked!

Our FANTASTIC grass-fed, grass-finished beef will be available any day. Like…I hope to be able to offer it tomorrow. I’m chomping at the bit! Y’all…it’s SO yummy!

I also spent the last year on another endeavour. I’ve loved essential oils for years, but knew just enough to be dangerous. After much prayer, I decided to dive into the most thorough aromatherapy educational program I could find. After almost a year of work, late nights reading, chemistry refreshers (it’s been a while since chem class), tests, endless writing, research and case studies, I completed the program. I’m now a certified aromatherapy practitioner. This means I can help clients reach their health goals with essential oils. There is a lot more information on our “Aromatherapy” page. The science, chemistry and art of aromatherapy fascinates me to no end! Now, it’s not a magic bullet. Just like when you try a certain medication from the doctor’s office, it doesn’t work for everybody, but it’s darn good! God designed our bodies to heal themselves. Aromatherapy doesn’t mask symptoms. It eliminates roadblocks that help the body repair itself.

My one regret is that I honestly don’t like the way every single essential oil smells. I wish I did. However, whether I like the smell or not has very little to do with how it works on my body. Oh well, I can’t have everything.

In the last few months, our family has celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and one of our sons, Tyce, got engaged to his sweetheart, Abby. Whew! We have partied like it’s 1999. But, we are back on track now with our healthier lifestyle again. The Christmas decorations come down tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to offer you clean beef tomorrow. If you have questions about oils, just ask me. Lord knows I like to talk about them.

After my very studious year, it’s time for me to reconnect with a lot of folks. My resolution this year is just for a healthier me and reconnect. No specifics. If you can’t reach me chances are I’m chasing kids, cows or bees, but I’ll call back as soon as I wipe the sweat off. Life is good and God is better!