Weeknight Beef Taco Casserole Recipe

It’s Tuesday night. What did you make for dinner tonight? If you’re in a supper rut, allow me to help. I don’t cook every night. I actually refuse to cook on Friday night. With that said, I have lots of really good recipes and I love to cook. This evening, I’m going to share a great Beef Taco Casserole Recipe from Lil Luna. I make a few tweeks, but my version is pretty close. One of us has gluten issues, so we usually make a gluten-free version. Where this recipe calls for Bisquick, we use Bob’s Gluten-Free Biscuit & Baking Mix. I use the same amount as the Bisquick. When our house first went gluten-free, we were all scared that food was going to taste like sawdust. Surprisingly, not true! There are so many gluten-free hacks out there. Bob’s Baking Mix is just one of them. Hint: Let the mixture of eggs, milk and baking mix sit for about 30 minutes before adding it to the baking dish. This absorption time takes away any dryness.

I do have a secret about cooking. I never reveal it to my kids until I think they are mature enough to handle this top-secret information. I sneak nuts, seeds, veggies or whatever greenage I can muster in everything I cook. Not every kitchen experiment has been a success. It’s a long story, but protein powder in mac n’ cheese was an epic fail. Just trust me. I now stick to plant material only…for now. With that said, tonight’s casserole had a stealth grated zucchini cooked into the ground beef. Shhhh! No one ever notice. They all ate seconds and some ate thirds.

Enjoy your new weekday ground beef recipe. It’s a staple around here.

Happy Tuesday and God bless!

P.S. Don’t forget to thaw your ground beef!

taco casserole.JPG